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Hi Sylvain,
thanks for your comprehensive response! Now I have a much better picture of what your environment looks like.

Regarding the installed packages:
-“Tobii Eye Tracking” is deprecated and has been replaced by the EyeX Engine, but you might want to keep it as a tool for configuring the display area. It shouldn’t do any damage to do that.
-“Tobii USB Service” is still relevant and there is a more recent version. I’d recommend an upgrade.

Q. where can I tell to the calibration process that my user have contact lenses or glasses ?
A. This is just a usability trick that we use in the settings panel — this information isn’t passed on to the tracker. We want users to be aware that eyewear matters and give them an easy way to set up and switch between profiles if they sometimes use glasses and sometimes wear contacts.

Q. where can I tell to the calibration process that my user want to use both eyes or just the left or right eye ?
A. You can’t. But what you can do is to give the user the option to either average between both eyes, or use the gaze point from a selected eye in your application. This is a setting that you will typically want to store together with the calibration blob in a user profile.