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Zhenyi He

Hi @Grant [Tobii], Thanks for your fast reply. Let me share my developing information and concerns of license.

=== developing ===
SDK: tobii_interaction_lib_windows_x64_0.7.340_beta
Code: https://tobiitech.github.io/interaction-library-docs/sdk/html/sample_cpp.html
IDE: VS2017
OS: Windows
Device: Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

I downloaded the SDK (tobii_interaction_lib_windows_x64_0.7.340_beta) and used the sample code online https://tobiitech.github.io/interaction-library-docs/sdk/html/sample_cpp.html. The only thing I changed is the resolution code.
I am using vs2017 for developing. I configured include, lib, and dll to associate with SDK folder.
Then I hit run and there is no output. I added breakpoint but the code never went to the callback

intlib->SubscribeGazeFocusEvents([](IL::GazeFocusEvent evt, void* context)
// never went into this block
Focus& focus = *static_cast<Focus*>(context);
<< “Interactor: ” << evt.id
<< “, focused: ” << std::boolalpha << evt.hasFocus
<< “, timestamp: ” << evt.timestamp_us << ” us”
<< “\n”;
}, &focus);

=== license ===
I am currently using Tobii as the ground truth of gaze information.
I wonder if I used the gaze information to build a game only for research. I should use the “Research development license”. What should I do next?