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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @bradon, okay I understand. Full mouse emulation is not a recommended (or supported) approach for several reasons.

Firstly, there is a limit of how accurate an eye tracker can be due to the inherent jittery movement of the human eye which will always be present even if you are focusing on one point.

Additionally, whilst you may look from one point to another.. the human eye only moves perceptively beyond 2 cm or so, making it unsuitable for the fine control a mouse requires. A possible workaround would be to make all Programs buttons and menus very large, but most software does not provide this functionality.

Accordingly, by combining the classical approach of mouse use and eye tracking one can get the best balance of speed and accuracy.

All this being said, the Tobii Dynavox is dedicated to enabling users to use eye tracking for full computer control and works to overcome the limitation I mentioned.

You can download for free one of their offerings that provide a mouse emulation you can try @ https://www.tobiidynavox.com/software/free-resources/gaze-point/
The Software has not yet been tested with the New ET5, so please let us know how you get on. Best Wishes.