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Thank you for your reply Denny,
Our application is meant to implement object tracking, for example if a ball is moving, make sure that the user is looking the ball and not at something else.
Gaze interactions is definitely a feature we would want to implement but not at first stage.
We are currently at the planning phase of a basic game for kids (Medical), which is meant to check attention and distraction and many of these kids have eye conditions.
So it is more important for us to support only users with Strabismus and not all users if it makes a difference.

The main issue is knowing if we can determine accurately that the user looking at the ball when both eyes are not looking at the same direction.
If the SDK provides data per eye we can implement our own algorithm to calculate gaze direction (Strabismus usually has a fixed angel, and this is how we can determine which eye is not being used – it’s more complicated than that but I think the idea is clear…)

Thanks so much,