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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @cawa, thanks for getting in touch. You are quite right that indeed the area of which the gaze data can be accurately represented is in fact a biological limitation.

For example a 1-2 cm difference in the screen may actually correspond to no physical movement in the eye and coupled with the inherent jitteryness of the eye, makes small areas essential impossible to pinpoint precisely.

As you pointed out, the best solution is some kind of intelligent software that can ‘guess’ what you are clicking at based on the screen content and context of the application. Unfortutunately, for right now this is not something Tobii have available.

My immediate thoughts as the quickest workaround is to increase the size of the icons. With Chrome this is tricky as their extension architecture prevents much modification of the basic user interface. You might have better luck with IE or Firefox in this regard. You could also try increasing the font size system wide on the Windows Control panel, but that might no be preferable for all applications.

Indeed, this is why we developed the Mouse Warp functionality so a user can use eye tracking for the coarse direction and the mouse for fine tuning the location. It seemed to be the best solution.

In terms of improving calibration, within the Tobii System Tray Icon, click on the User, then ‘improve user calibration’ which may help slightly on those parts of the screen that are less accurate.

Sorry we cannot offer you a tool today that would solve this issue, but I agree that with some intelligent AI implementation, this limitation of eye tracking could be used overcome.