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Hi, I am experiencing the same issue – no gaze detected in Unity.
I have Tobii 5L development device and I’ve managed to get it working.
I have Configuration Application v2.1.6 and I can see gaze working there after calibration.
However, I can’t get it to work in Unity – the hardware doesn’t show any signs of life when I open and run demo scenes. It only enables when I am in Configuration Application and enable Gaze Visualization flag.
Unity version 2019.4.18f, I am using the latest Tobii Unity SDK v4.0
I’ve tried restarting Unity, restarting PC, checking the Troubleshooting section, clicked ticks in libraries in Unity – didn’t help.
I’ve even tried installing unity v5.3.7 – which is recommended for Tobii SDK, but then it breaks because it uses features introduced in C# 6 and that is only accessible when you have Mono 4, unity 5.3.7 is using Mono 2.
Please help.