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And in General… a few hours of dancing and learning the script language called AutoHotkey… they let me write this script.

Send {F11 down}{F11 up}
KeyWait CapsLock
Send {LButton down}{LButton up}
Send {F11 down}{F11 up}

CapsLock:: setup capslock hotkey and push it key
Send {F11}{…} send command to eViacam to enable tracking via webcam
KeyWait CapsLock – wait release CapsLock. while you hold CapsLock headtracking work and script wait
Send {LButton}{…} – send emulated click left button mouse, after release CapsLock
Send {F11}{…} – send command to eViacam to disable tracking
return – If there is no caller to which to return, Return will do an Exit instead.

Create 1 script file, copy, paste, save, close, run, and enjoy. The script works until the PC restarts, there seems to be an opportunity to do autorun, but I’m too lazy to understand, and I use sleep mode, so this problem does not worry me. If you fast make double click CapsLock and don’t move your head (deadzone setup in eViacam), then it is like double click mouse.

The only thing that gets in the way, the warp button and the enable headtracking button are still different buttons, since Toby Experience intercepts the control of the warp button and does not allow it to be used together. And i not tested it in game, when control may be intercept