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Thanks I get that and will have to live with single screen limitation for quite awhile most likely.

However I still hope that someday, with your software, you’d be able to use “surround” trackers like I suggested for two or three screens side by side – buying one tracker per screen of course.

As you moved your focus/gaze to the edge of one screen it would hit a hot zone where that screen’s tracker would disengage..
Then the next screen over’s tracker would automatically wake up/engage as the previous one went to sleep and your focus would automatically jump to the near edge of that screen instead of where you left off on the first one.

It might not be 100% seamless at the transition/bezels but it would let you “warp” or jump between screens and to a different tracker on a different active screen. Using this method you would not have multiple trackers interfering with each other. Only the single tracker on the specific monitor you are facing at any given time would be active.