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I use a bundle of eViacam – AutoHotkey + Tobii Eye Tracker

That device is for 3k dollars, it is designed for completely paralyzed people and maybe 3 thousand is justified money for it, because the software there is a little more advanced, at least judging by the videos, although the accuracy of eye positioning leaves much to be desired. The question here is that not everyone needs such a highly specialized device… And in my opinion, such a policy of protectionism violates one of the important principles of sales -if you can sell goods with a small margin, but with high turnover. It’s like a store selling 1 apple for $100 just once a month, hoping that next month they will come to you again for 1 apple for $100, instead of selling 100 apples for $1.5 and significantly expand their market, because the more people try apples, the more people will come for apples. You can expand the basic product not only for the gaming field of application, get a stable turnover from which you can subsidize your other company that produces devices for 3k and even sell them at a loss for say 1 thousand, but solve an important problem for people with disabilities… I would do something like this if I had to worry about another subsidiary