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Titouan Millet

Yes it works, thank you!

However, if I run the build of the game fullscreen, the game screen disappears when the recalibration is complete. I mean, the recalibration screen closes itself, but instead of returning to the fullscreen game, it returns to the desktop. I can still hear the sound of the game, but there is no way to open the game window, that is still running in the background somehow but is invisible. Actually I can’t even do anything else then (the computer is like frozen, except for the taskbar) and have to quit the game from the task manager to return to a normal state. Basically I think it’s some kind of conflict between the two fullscreens (the recalibration and the game). It may also just be an issue with my computer.

If I launch the game windowed, it still works after the recalibration (it doesn’t disappear and I can continue to play the game). It also work if I disable the fullscreen mode from a script before launching the recalibration. I would like to return in fullscreen after the recalibration though, is there a way to get when the recalibration process is finished? Some kind of closing event or callback?

If not, I’ll just activate the fullscreen mode once the player start the game, I mean after the “menu” from which they can recalibrate the eye tracker.