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Thanks for the info Anders, I’d surmised as much from lurking the forums a bit.

Do you think there would be any way to get the Python bindings communicating with a Java app? All we really need are screen X-Y co-ordinates (synced up to X-Y-Z navigation co-ordinates, a la Google Earth or similar), and while it would be feasible to get timestamped eyegaze data and sync that up manually to timestamped X-Y-Z navigation data, it would be messy and much more time consuming. I’m okay with losing platform/OS independence as it will probably only be used on a single computer.

I’ve seen a few posts also about JNI/JNA tunnels using the C++ bindings, do you know if anyone has implemented anything useful? I couldn’t get the C++ examples to compile and run properly and my C++ is weak to non-existant so I’m reluctant to delve into that without a reasonable assurance of success.