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Claudio Medina

I managed to get this working with the sample scenes but not with a new project I’m testing. Can’t reproduce why.
EyeX initialization failed because the client access library ‘Tobii.EyeX.Client.dll’ could not be loaded. Please make sure that it is present in the Unity project directory. You can find it in the SDK package, in the lib/x86 directory. (Currently only Windows is supported.)
EyeXHost:InitializeEyeX() (at Assets/Standard Assets/EyeXFramework/EyeXHost.cs:399)
EyeXHost:Start() (at Assets/Standard Assets/EyeXFramework/EyeXHost.cs:188)

There’s nothing in the lib folder, nothing in the root folder of plugins and I’m pretty sure I have the right X64 file in the X86_64 folder.
Any clues?