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I have installed EyeX software on my computer and tried to launch the provided samples. The samples compiled and launched well. However, nothing happens much inside the applications. For example, ActivatableButtons sample, in the program two buttons are supposed to change the background color. However, nothing happens while i am looking at any of the buttons. I tried to debug the code, what i saw is that in the WndProc function no events appear when i am looking anywhere at the screen, or at the buttons, however the window title shows me “use your eyes”, which I suppose means, that the eyeX engine was accessed successfully.

Similar issue with the X-O game program. I can see that a cell at which i am looking becomes slightly lighter, but in order to put a mark i still need to click with my mouse on the board, the mark though is created in the cell where the mouse click was performed. So i am not sure after all, if the program functioning correctly.

I am wondering, if this behavior of the programs is a problem of miscofiguration, or have i missed something during installation or launching? The Tobii itself works fine and it can detect my gaze in the tobii configuration window.

My question is also about reliability of EyeX software. As i understood, it is newly released functionality. Should i better use Tobii Gaze SDK or should i keep trying with EyeX? My initial intention is to develop a winodows application which would have certain activity depending on the user’s gaze, the development should be started asap.

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