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I did not want to start a UI flamewar, that’s why I did not say it like that.

But yes, you are right, WPF essentially is a feature loaded piece of crap. So if you have to choose, use WinForms.

WinForms are clean and to the point, they give easy examples. If someone has a WinForms example he can very easily do a WPF as well. In fact if you just create a non UI C# example anyone will easily be able to create either WinForms or WPF programs himself, its really trivial.

The only way I will ever pick WPF for a program is if you put a gun against my head. Otherwise… no thx. I stick with the stuff that works.

Also Windows 8 has never been adopted by the mass market, really, and never will be. So just stick with WinForms until Windows 9 comes along with a better UI framework.