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Jenny [Tobii]

Hi Ben,

I’m sorry it isn’t working out for you. I haven’t heard about this problem before. It seems there is something specific for your kind of setup. I hope you haven’t given up yet, though. I think we should be able to figure it out. Here are some more questions and things to investigate if you are up for it:

Are you running your game in the same resolution and aspect ratio as you calibrated your eye tracker for? Are you using only one screen now (the native screen for the laptop)?

Is there an offset between where you are looking and where you gaze point is displayed in the sample scene that demonstrates the gaze point data? (The landscape scene with a small colored box where the gaze point is). The gaze point can also be visualized directly from the EyeX Engine using Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F12. Are that visualization overlapping with the colored box in the sample, or is there an offset for one of them?

In the Gaze-Aware component there is an option to “Show Projected Bounds”. Could you check that check box for your spinning cube game object, and see if the bounding box is offset from the cube when you run the scene?

EDIT: A colleague of mine suggest it might be a DPI problem. Is your DPI set to something else than 100%?