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Edward Ryklin

1)Gaze SDK *might* support multiple trackers.
I started working with the Gaze SDK when using the REX eyetracker. This controller preceded the EyeX and its engine. The Gaze SDK connected to the tracker by specifying a product_id = “REXDL-010103126203.local”, so it’s feasible that each controller has a unique product_id name, allowing you to connect simultaneously to multiple controllers. Even if this was true, I have not tested it at all on the EyeX. It is possible to connect to two different controllers simultaneously, such as the REX and EyeX, that I’m pretty sure of, because they use different SDK’s. This is especially true if the controllers are made by two different manufacturers.

2)No. The GazeSDK is completely independent of the ExeX engine, hence (among other things) you must provide your own calibration routine. Something I have done, but not as thoroughly as Tobii. I have deprecated the calibration because I prefer using Tobii’s.

3)Not sure how to answer this question. Enough for what? Please elaborate.

I have implemented the ability to connect to multiple trackers in my application, though not concomitantly. Nonetheless, if you’d like to demo what I’ve made, you can by following the link below. Only, thing to keep in mind is that I have not exposed the GazeSDK to the user via the GUI. So when connecting to the eye tracker select “My own”, and choose the TobiiGaze.dll which included in the distribution.

To tryout my app you can visit the following facebook page which contains a download link:

Please leave comments on how I can make the app better.