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The VNC trick isn’t a bad idea, but there is the problem associated with different aspect ratio and much larger screen size (24 inch).

And Anders, thanks for your response. To that I’ll say look, it’s respectable to want to have a complete, airtight fully featured release one OS at a time, but I strongly believe that you may be overestimating the needs of a lot of people who want to work with it.

I bet good money that a lot of guys, just like me, want it (initially anyway) as a mouse replacement to reduce wrist strain and have a more natural experience with their desktop. And on top of that, a lot of said guys I reckon are also developers (just like me).

I think it would be SERIOUSLY in your interests to release an alpha/beta/whatever Linux/OS X driver and simple utility combination, to enable just basic desktop mouse functionality. And bonus points for open sourcing it (the real value lies in your hardware product after all), there are a lot of tenacious people who will probably take it further than you guys could alone. The sooner we’re able to just start using it for something simple and basic, but become accustomed to actual usage, the better it is for everyone 😉