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Thank you for your feedback. Great to hear that you like our product :).

It worked right out of the box for me, but after I started the game for a second time I got the “game not found” error. Strange that it still works in game though.

Just to clarify: Do you get the “Cannot find the game…” block screen with the “Browse”-button or do you actually get an error message pop up? Do you get it when starting the game or when starting ISE?

A couple of little les though, I can use it switched on in game all of the time, but the in game menus are tricky to control. The alternative is to use the middle mouse button to temporarily disable it whilst docked. When I re-enable the tracker, it isn’t centred. Is there a way of setting this up so when it is reactivated, it is centred?

The best thing you could do right now is to bind the center view and enable/disable hotkey to the same button. We will probably add a “Center view on disable”-option in a future update.

I think it would be handy if you made a couple of suggested profiles too:-
I am using Speed 3.00
Gradient 3.00
Dead zone 0.10

Woah! That’s some interesting settings!. We actually even considered having 0.5 as the lower limit for “Dead zone” :)… don’t you find the camera movements erratic and/or unstable?

We hope to be able to offer some kind of preset sensitivity profiles once we’ve been able to gather enough data to find the most popular (if any) combinations of settings.