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Gerhard Farr

hi, i got my eyex yesterday and after 2h of fiddeling around with the installation process (vjoy installation stuck) i got that one working, but it didnt work in ED:H out of the box.
i tried binding the vjoy axis to headlook (up down left right) which worked kinda with the default settings (Speed: 6.00, Gradient: 2.5, Dead Zone: 0.8), but some how not as but not as fluently as i expected it from ObAnts youtube video.

now i got a silly question since i’ve rebound main and alternative headlook (u-d-l-r) in my keybindings to the coolie hat of my x52 and to the right thumbstick of my joypad. Do i have to bind the vjoy aixs to these Headlook key or does the Infinity Screen Software overwrite these?