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Henrik [Tobii]

Does the ISE attempt to write its own bindings for the head look then? I had to manually bind the axis.

Yes it does. A big part of ISE is that user should not have to manually bind the head look in game. Are you using the Steam version? Where is your installation folder located? Could you try unbinding the head look and try if if ISE will autoconfigure it? (We suspect there might be some issues with the ISE instance that is launched directly from the installer).

Does the ISE do anything different per game config than attempt to match the vjoy axis to in-game axis? If so, wouldn’t it be better to simply present a universal x/y output which could be mapped to any game rather than just those that the ISE knows about in terms of being able to edit the input binds automatically.

It sets the axis bindings and depending on the game it also makes sure to set the appropriate axis behaviors (headlook on/off, dead zone values, axis smoothing etc). Leaving these settings to the user would not allow us to control the user experience to the degree that we deemed was necessary for the initial launch of this application.

A generic “Gaze to VJoy/FreeTrack” would also require a much more complex UI (we need to expose a lot more settings to the user) and since eye tracking is not something that most users are familiar with we opted to not go in this direction initially. We are however looking at how we could make this possible now that we’ve seen how much interest there actually is in “Infinite Screen” since it would open up for so many other games and also allow users to experiment with controller merging tools (e.g. xbox360 ce).