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I have managed to fix it. Starting ED from the install folder while previously logged into the launcher did not work for me. Here is how i solved it:

1. Unpluged my joystick (x52) and xbox controller
2. de-installed the Tobii Eyex driver, Infinite Screen software and the ED launcher
3. Used CCleaner to clean registry and delete possible unnecessary data.
4. Windows (10) update
5. reboot
6. installed ED launcher. Set to run as Admin.
7. installed Eyex driver and did the basic set up then installed Infinite Screen software. checked if ED was recognized in the game list and set middle mouse button to enable/disable eyetracking
9. pluged in joystick and xbox controller and enabled gaze trace
10. started game. got no URl error message
11. happy customer 🙂

Btw my ED64.exe is located at: C:/Progam Files x86/Frontier/EDLaunch/Products/elite-dangerous-64

I have ED installed since launch. After Horizons hit, FD changed the locations of the ED.exe. In many cases it is suggested to locate the .exe in the hidden folder under: C:/USER/AppData/Local/Frontier_Developments/Products folder. This is now outdated since the vital files have been moved to the other location mentioned in bold above.

Hope this helps!

Glad you were able to fix it. Awesome effort. This will help us a lot as well. 🙂