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Henrik [Tobii]

as I’m curious by nature, and I’m still not fully happy with the sensitivity of my current Tobii EyeX seetings: when setting new values for Speed/Gradient/Dead zone in ISE, where does the manipulation happen – at the vjoy driver level, or in the ED settings, i.e. bind files?
I’m a bit confused, because ED allows for setting headlook sensitivity and dead zones, but nothing in the direction of ‘gradient’.

VJoy and ED are actually “completely” agnostic when it comes to ISE. The sensitivity settings in ISE only affect the algorithms in ISE which maps a gaze point (x,y) to a vJoy or FreeTrack (used in Bohemia games) output (x,y or yaw, pitch).

Headlook sensitivity in E:D only applies if headlook mode is set to “Accmulative” which will not work with ISE since we do the accumulation in ISE so that we can get a consistent behavior in different games.

The dead zone slider sin ED should be set to 0. If it’s not then you might get a very sharp jump when you cross the dead zone threshold. ISE will “auto configure” the head look dead zones for vJoy to 0 when ED launches.