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Ian Wells

In addition to the above, when I run vJoy monitor at the same time as E:D I can see that the X and Y axis indicators do not move smoothly along with my gaze movements. It therefore still seems like ISE is not properly passing the EyeX gaze position through to vJoy or that the vJoy calibration is not correct.

I have run joy.cpl whilst E:D is running to see whether I could re-calibrate in the settings tab, however, whilst I could get some movement of the “+” to appear, again no matter where my gaze travelled, the “+” jumped mostly around the edges of the calibration box.

I tried using the “Reset to Default” button in the joy.cpl settings panel, then watching the vJoy monitor as I started E:D.
Initially the X and Y axes are both set at 50%. Once E:D starts, the Y axis gradually drifts down, no matter where my gaze is.

The X axis, now moves in accordance with my up/down gaze.
In-game, the up/down tracking now seems to be correct, and is adapted correctly by the ISE sensitivity settings.

The Y axis remains fixed at 0. However, switching my gaze to the far left or right will immediately swing the view to the lowest left or right hand side of the cockpit.