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Ian Wells

Thanks for your response Henrik, and on a Saturday too!

The only user on the machine I’m using is a member of the local administrators group, and I have run ISE both from the shortcut as installed and specifically “As Administrator” with the same results.

I have follwed the link you references in our message, which seems to specifically reset vJoy, and then initiate the update of ED the bindings configuration file.

I can confirm that my bindings file has been properly updated, as I checked the file against the settings you posted in another thread.

I have now got head tracking working with EyeX when looking up/down, so we know that all the parts are in place – it now just seems to be some issue between the EyeX, ISE and vJoy, as the proper values left/right are not being received by vJoy.

Apologies for spamming this forum, but I thought this was for support purposes.
I have submitted a support request, referencing this thread, so hopefully we can arrange a remote session together to get this sorted.