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@Tobii team,

it would be great if you could give an update to the requested feature and how it is being prioritized for development. I had a good discussion with your support team (ref:_00D30XnDD._50013tYsof:ref including quite some pictures/video).
With the current state of the calibration I cannot recommend the product. Since it seems that the upper part of the screen is not correct captured during calibration I did stick some markers on my screen to gaze at during calibration. I get much better results now.
Most of the time I end up reviewing the state of calibration before each gaming session, to get correct flavor of the day.

For the suggested solution I would propose not to use the mouse to select a circle. In the test calibration screen use number pad keys to select the circle you want to adjust. Upon this have the cursor keys to move the gaze cloud (the pink dots) to where you want them. So I could select the upper center circle by 8 on the num pad. Then adjust the dots.This would also allow me to adjust the bit the right of my center focus.

For gaming it would be great to be able to adjust how EyeX is averaging tracing. I have it gute often that tracking is more a horizontal line than it is a rund dot cloud. I did read The Division EyeX comment but for me the aim/cover at gaze is more hit than miss.

I think you have a promising product but if I cannot adjust it to my setup it will be unusable. That being said: good to have the feature in a game, but if does not work, no-one will use it, publishers will notice and drop support.