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Thank you to try to help me, I will do my best to list everything i can :

– First I’m working with Unity (I thought i mentionned it before but apparently I didn’t…) using the “TobiiEyeXSdk-Unity-1.7.480”
– The Eye X controller Drivers were from the version
– The system i’m using is en EyeX controller marked “EYEX2-030105901334
– My code look like this :

_eyeXHost = EyeXHost.GetInstance ();
_fixationProvider = _eyeXHost.GetFixationDataProvider (FixationDataMode.Slow); // or sensitive
_fixationProvider.Start ();
eyeFixationPoint = _fixationProvider.Last;
if (eyeFixationPoint.IsValid) {
	if (eyeFixationPoint.Timestamp - lastEyeFixationPoint.Timestamp != 0)   // avoiding doublons
		Debug.Log (eyeFixationPoint.EventType);

– The version of Uniti is 5.4.0f3 if that matters and I set up the update delay at 0.02 s so I should not miss some of the tracker state

Tell me if i’m not precise enough or if you need more informations
Thank you again for your work.


edit : tried with the latest version of the drivers too (