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Balazs Lajtha

My wife got me a Tobii Eyex for Christmas, she thought that it would be a great present for a casual gamer like me. It turns out that only a handful of games support Tobii, and among those only a couple are well integrated. I bought AC Syndicate, still downloading.

But I’m also a sw developer, so wanted to check out how such a device could speed up my work. And oh boy! Combined with a touchpad the mouse warp function is just what I needed. I set the minimal warp distance to 2cm (on a 17″ laptop screen) and hadn’t have to use the touchpad for moving the pointer ever since. It’s super fast and comfortable. For clicking, I still use the buttons, and sometimes it’s necessary to correct the jump, but it’s awesome for editing text, clicking on buttons, switching between tabs and windows, etc.

Wonder how it will perform on two displays, but even if it won’t work on the secondary, it’ll still be a great tool.