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Jason Walker

Hi All,

Just got hold of a Tobii 4V tracker …. setup and calibration all worked great and the Tobii demo programs work fine.

Was surprised that there was no way to create a custom profile for a executable that’s not directly supported by the Tobii software …. since i read that the headtracking features of the 4C where essentially a virtual controller using Vjoy.

However while trawling through these dev forums to see how one goes about creating custom tobii plugin i came across this thread, i’m very familiar with head tracking tech both optical and gyro and have used opentack and FTNIR before so was excited to read about an existing Tobii plug in for FTNIR.

So have installed latest (V200) FTNIR and plugin pack , created a new profile with the Tobie EyeX plugin as Tracker source (1) and vjoy output (1) … however when i start FTNIR tracking it seems to connect to the tobii api ok and starts receiving tracking data however all channels (gaze x & y, yaw and pitch) just seem to be constantly updating and teh actualy tracking dara seems to be lost with in these constant updates … can anyone confirm that this plugin works with latest 4C tracker and Tobii software and latest FTNIR … is there anything else that nneds to be donw to good head/eue tracking with this plugin ..