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Michael Lehner

Update: the problem “changed” after updating to the eyex software 2.5.2.

The new description is like this:
– Everything works well for a while. By feeling, longer than before.
– Sporadically there still is the series of sounds, which is like when an USB device gets unplugged and plugged again.
– During that time, the red lights on the 4C get switched off and then return to function.
– Eyetracking in the game is not working any more after that.
– When leaving the game, the icon on the right displays the eye position.
– When checking the EyeX software, it recognizes where i look at.
– The ISE is “confused” though. When opening it, it displays: “Unable to connect to the Tobii tracker. Please make sure that yor Tobii tracker has been installed properly and then restart Infinite Screen Extension.”
– When restarting the ISE, things work again.

So basically you still need to leave the game and restart the ISE to solve the problem and the “root cause” still seems to be something between the software and the device, potentially an USB problem, but the whole thing seems to how happen “softer”.