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AHK has it’s place, I use it for a couple things (hotkeys, monitoring new windows, auto pressing a button). It’s just that for more than a little script, it is very painful.

From screenshots, Clippy is likely a bit more minimalistic than Clipjump. However, it’s that way because I don’t need or want tons of features. I want to popup the history dialog, type something to search, and paste it — no fluff. I’ve considered adding “favorites”, so you can star a clip and have it appear at the top of the list. Otherwise, I use Clippy daily and don’t miss any of the features that ArsClip, ClipClip, etc have. Plus Clippy does more, like uploading text or files to FTP so you can easily paste a link to someone (copy as normal, then hit Clippy’s upload hotkey), or taking a screenshot, uploading to FTP/imgur/etc, and pasting a link.