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I realize I’m late to the Rex party, but I’m trying to get my Rex connected to GazeSDK on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) for the first time and getting the “205 No eye tracker could be found” error. I’m piecing together information from the forums and remaining pages, and I see that there are HID and TCP firmwares for the Rex.

This page ( http://developer.tobii.com/rex-firmware/ ) says that the USB-HID firmware is the maintained version, and TCP/IP is older/deprecated. However, lower down in the section “On Linux and Android” it also says that if you see “Bus XXX Device YYY: ID 2104:0001” in lsusb, you have the USB-HID firmware and “you will need to change the firmware to use the device”. These directions seem to contradict one another, so I’m not sure which firmware to shoot for.

What I have is the USB-HID Firmware; I’m able to run “fwupgrade —auto —info-only” on windows and I get:
Automatically selected eye tracker tobii-ttp://REXDL-030114042683
Model: REX_Dev_Laptop
Firmware version:
(I’m using Gaze SDK 4.1.0)

When I run the same command on Linux, I get the 205 error.

Much of the forum activity surrounding this error on Linux is about people switching to the TCP/IP firmware and making sure the network aspects get mapped up correctly. However, I’m not sure if that is all out of date now that the USB-HID firmware exists. This page ( http://developer.tobii.com/new-tobii-gaze-sdk-released-support-usb-hid-linux-android/ ), though somewhat redacted, makes it sound like the USB-HID firmware would work with the Linux Gaze SDK, but I don’t see people using that strategy on the forums…

So, any hints on getting the Rex to communicate with the Gaze SDK on Linux?

Especially: Is the Rex meant to work on Linux with the USB-HID firmware? Or was the TCP/IP firmware the only firmware ever supported for Linux GazeSDK?

I realize the whole Rex/Gaze product is discontinued, but I have a brand new Rex purchased last year and am trying to get it to work for the first time, so I appreciate any help getting set up!