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Hey @tiblop, ( and thank you @grant-rogers for pinging me, I missed tiblop’s message! )

explained it but basically the game window while using the editor can sometimes report wrong window sizes that would cause the jittery effect. I tried this project as a standalone application and the jitters went away. It seems to be out of Tobii’s control as they’re just recipients of the Unity game window’s dimensions which seem to be intermittently wrong.

The best advice I can offer about dealing with this is don’t try to write any code to solve it because on a shipped game this problem won’t exist. It may be a nuisance, but the best way to test an eye tracking feature without those jitters would be to build the game and run it as a standalone application outside of the Unity editor. Hopefully you’re not working in an environment where this isn’t a possibility, but it’s been my solution for this.