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Dominic Potts

Hi Grant, Thank you for the prompt response and apologies for not being specific.

The project I am working on is to do with so called ‘Information Foraging’ Theory, and involves dividing up a display’s content into ‘patches’ or blocks of a specified size that are then plotted onto the screen using the Tobii’s coordinates system. For example a 1080px display can be evenly divided up into 4 patches of size 960px X 540px (There are however multiple layouts)

I have a function that signals when every patch has been ‘foraged’ (when a patch has been fixated on at least once) and this is the condition I am testing. While all patches have not been foraged I want to run code that is very similar to the fixationDataStream.Next += (o, fixation) => {…} function in the aforementioned sample. It simply prints to console the begin and end fixation coordinates as well as the fixation duration timestamp.

I have all of this working perfectly, but I want to stop recording fixation once all patches have been ‘foraged’ automatically without the console.ReadKey().

I have tried implementing the conditional without using the console.readkey(), but the code doesn’t run at all. I’ve also tried wrapping fixationDataStream.Next in a while loop, but this did not solve the issue.

I will take a look at the documentation again, but if you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated!