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Henry Nash

@trishume That’s a great idea to move the mouse pointer to the edge of a circle around the gaze point and then continue with head motion. I don’t have a Mac so by any chance do you have any videos you are able to share? It would be great to see it in action. One potential issue I’m wondering about is how this works with small movements like on the keys of an on screen keyboard. If there is some threshold of head movement that initiates a mouse movement, is it able to detect small movements between keys? With the Precision Gaze Mouse it is continuously tracking, so you’re able to hit the keys of an on-screen keyboard without making big movements.

Yes I got mine working with the TrackIR 5 and EyeX 4C together. It works best if I wear contacts instead of glasses and use the TrackClip Pro which has IR lights on it. They are bright enough that they are not distracted by the reflections from the EyeX.