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I compared Tobii dlls between two configs:
– Nuget install for Project config 64bit
– NuGet install for project config Any CPU (32bit prefered)

However Dll files are the same between those two configs.
Tobii.Interaction.Model 95.5KB 2017/06/06 13:15
Tobii.InteractionNet 176KB 2017/06/16 13.15

If Nuget package should install different dlls, the file size must be different. (64 bit ones should be bigger).

I am developing a c# application which uses (1) Tobii package and (2) 64 bit dll which I build by myself (64bit OpenCV wrapper).
When I set app config 64bit, the Tobii dll load fails.
When I set app config Any CPU (32bit prefered), the 64bit dll load fails.
Current Tobii dlls must be for 32bit, and not support 64bit.