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Hi Grant,
I already tried all the Tobii core SDK possibilities, and accessing to any part of the calibration process or calibration profiles isn’t part of these. I find it unfortunate because it drastically limits development possibilities.

My persistent problem is the display_area variable set during the calibration, which prevents the eyetracker to send data when I look outside the calibrated screen. As Jenny said before, Tobii keeps tracking outside of these bounds ((0;0) to (1;1) in normalized coordinates), but in a very limited region:
From -0.2 to 1.2 for X,
From -0.2 to 2 for Y

This is why I tried calibrating with a projector, which offers a much bigger physical gaze tracking zone, but I cannot really take advantage of it if I cannot prevent recalibrations.
It is regrettable I would be forced to buy an expensive licence (+10 times the price of my Eye4C device) just to benefit from this one additionnal function.

Is there really no way to access to these functions without the Pro SDK?