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So I requested. The API is able to disable the IR LED feature by an application which has the granted permission from the user. So the user has already acknowledged about IR has controlled by the application. This API required you need to implement some exceptional situation as the application has terminated by unknown errors. (if the situation occurred, then back to the IR status before controlled by the application.)

Your idea is good. If IR LED has controlled by a shortcut key, maybe the API is not required. The application can send the shortcut key signal to Tobii. Finally, it can be controlled by the application as same as the API provided. Sure, the user knows about this.

And I request the other feature to IR LED frequency. 90Hz is good but it is over spec frequency than needed for some applications. As the above. If the user agrees to an application control the frequency is controlled by the application. It will be the helpful feature for who worries about potential aversion about IR.