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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @chilinski, please let me try to deal with your queries as they appear in your original post:

>> This is how it determines the left and right borders for the monitor in use?

That’s correct, we use this to determine the screen dimensions and scale relative to the eye tracerk.

>> that seems simple enough, but is it using both head tracking and eye tracking while it’s doing this?

No, this stage is using eye tracking for the calibration component as head tracking operates under seperate

>> Is this screen just for my benefit so I can see how accurate it is?

Yes, In a sense.. this is for you to verify that the accuracy of calibration is sufficient to detect the dots at all
the extremities of the monitor.

>> I’ve seen some videos where it looks like it leaves marker dots on the screen

This is the ‘gaze trace’ feature which you can enable via the Tobii Interaction Software from the system tray icon.

>> Am I really accomplishing anything by going through this again?

Yes, sometimes by a number of a factors such as ambient light, or not looking focusedly enough at one point, this may result
in a poor overall calibration. By choosing recalibration you provide the software the chance to redo and hopefully improve
overall accuracy.

>> Did it remember the last time I was here and is actually improving?

No, the recalibration is performed from scratch each time.

Certainly by using the ‘gaze trace’ feature you should get a good impression of overall accuracy. If you find this to be consistently poor, even after recalibration, there are a few things you can try such as adjusting environmental light levels, ensuring proper positioning, cleaning of the eye tracker screen, etc.

If problems persist, please get in touch and we will see how we can be of further assistance.