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I have managed to find out a drivers repository and it has the following tobii versions:
Tobii_Eye_Tracking_Core_v2.5.0.5588_x86 (WORKING)
Tobii_Eye_Tracking_Core_v2.6.1.5748_x86 (SKIPPED)
Tobii_Eye_Tracking_Core_v2.7.0.5807_x86 (SKIPPED)
Tobii_Eye_Tracking_Core_v2.8.0.6094_x86 (SKIPPED)
Tobii_Eye_Tracking_Core_v2.9.0.6265_x86 (SKIPPED)
Tobii_Eye_Tracking_Core_v2.10.0.6432_x86 (WORKING)
Tobii_Eye_Tracking_Core_v2.11.0.6827_x86 (NOT WORKING)

I am going to go through the different versions and see which ones work as obviously v2.11 is messed up. It might work with the brand new Tobii but seems to have no love for the older EyeX models:(