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Hi Grant,

i don’t want to work with unconfigured device, i just want to know whether the device that is currently connected to the computer is connected or not.

why do i want that?
because my application uses the ET4C and will be used in several places, i need to be sure that when my user plugs a new ET device (form whatever reason..) i need to send him to config and calibrate.
currently, when i plug a device that is not configured to the computer, i pass all the setup process with no problem, so programmatically i think i’m fine and online with the ET4C device – but yet, i get no results.

so therefore, i wish that i could know whether i need to send the user to re/config, because this is a black hole for me.

and yet, i have no intentions to connect more than 1 device to the same machine.
working with just 1 is already complicated 😛