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Christopher Lee

Hi Grant, I’m having a similar issue with Windows 10 pro. Everything was running smoothly with the latest update 2.11 until the Fall Creator’s Update loaded today. (I’m using a Steelseries Sentry btw.) Then after the update, Windows Hello stopped working and the tracker lights always stayed on, even when cutting them off in the Tobii EyeX application. Also all of the Tobii EyeX features stopped working.

I was able to get Windows Hello working using the second workaround posted on the Tobii site:
But, the lights would stay on and Tobii Eye Controller Core.exe uses up CPU while active. Uninstalling all Tobii products and reinstalling did not help.

I tried downgrading to v2.10.20.6674 and that fixed the Tobii EyeX features, but the problem with the lights and Tobii Eye Controller.exe constantly using CPU when set to off seems to persist. However, I can disable the Tobii Service to shut it off manually.

Just thought I should report this somewhere.