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Natalia Gonzalez

Sorry guys but the solution to make a hardware workable on any OS is to have the right firmware or installation file, not reinstalling the OS. I´ll not do this just to check if Tobii will work or not! I´m not an IT person, I just want to use the device to help disabled people communicating and improving, that´s it. As end user I don´t need to know what a NET framework is, reinstalling OS, etc. It´s frustrating!
Is it possible for Tobii to provide a new installation version suitable for Win 10 with bugs fixed instead of asking users for being experts on IT? I need your support please. Many thanks!

Regarding the Alienware reco, I was not able to install Tobii even once! so non of the options on this link ( https://help.tobii.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004448085-Alienware-users-Is-the-eye-tracking-software-not-launching-)worked for me (I run the cmd but nothing was found as installation process never progressed from 50%)

BTW, I´ve installed the software on Win10 Pro and worked, but my win10 home didn´t.