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Hello, and thank you for trying to help. I was able to try some of the tips you provided in the previous exchanges over the Easter weekend. If I hook my Tobii 4C directly to the USB port on my Asrock H 170 Pro4 Intel-based motherboard 3.0 USB port and then use the eyetracker, everything seems to perform properly. And as you suggested, I am able to exit the Tobii 2.2 software and the IR lights remain off. Furthermore, I hooked up a 10 ft. 3.0 USB extension cable to the eyetracker and directly to the USB port and again I was able to use the eyetracker and shut down the software and my computer without the IR lights remaining on.

For further testing I plugged the 4C back into my powered Pluggable USB port as before and repeated using the eyetracker and software. Just as before, when I shut down my PC for the night, just the two center IR lights on the eyetracker remain lit. The IR lights on either end of the eyetracker are off. I was afraid to downgrade the software and firmware to an earlier version because the 4C works fine other than the IR lights remaining on. I’ll probably live with it until the next software/firmware upgrade see if that fixes it. You guys are pretty efficient in providing updates to the firmware and software. Unfortunately there are no new software drivers for the USB ports or my Asrock motherboard. I will try turning off power management in the USB hub under devices and Windows 10 and see what that will do. I’m puzzled by the powered Pluggable USB multi-port adapter because originally the 4C required a specifically powered USB port. I’m a relatively early adopter of the 4C and had no previous problems with the power USB port.

Thanks, Joseph