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Anders thanks for the reply, let me explain in more detail what the use case is.

To start I think we need a suitable reference and for that I am going to choose a PC game that is free to download and use :
Stalker : Lost Alpha (http://www.moddb.com/mods/lost-alpha)

I picked this example because it uses DirectX9 or 10 rendering, its single player and non-competitive it has some unique gameplay drivers that requires a player to look around a lot in any given scene. The developers in question have access to the source code so there is potential for Tobii EyeX SDK implementation too. Its also a familiar title to many people…

So if I were a PC gamer I would expect two things from a Tobii EyeX:
1. Default gaze interaction in all games where I can teleport the cursor to my gaze position as an enhancement to my keyboard/mouse
2. More detailed interaction in Gaze-enabled titles much like the DeusEx demo and not unlike the TrackIR solution

Now if we go back to the Lost Alpha use case, what I would expect by default is to view a scene with my eyes and at the click of a button (or a physical wink of the eye) have the viewport in game centre on that position ‘as if my mouse had guided it there’. That could be some item in a room or a character in landscape vista.

What I would desire but not expect would be using my eyes to drive dialogs and options with AI characters in game as an enhancement. I would also desire a toggle on/off for continuous gaze tracking.

I suspect this means the EyeX or a virtual controller being recognized as a DirectX input device in conjunction with the mouse (as not all games will support many input devices).