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Jim Cheetham

Thanks for the opportunity; I won’t take you up on it though. I’m not usually involved in low-level code for devices on Linux, I tend to wait for stable APIs to be made available through user-space tools. Sounds like you’re a long way away from that stage yet.

But I hope that you do indeed see that as an end-goal; having a proprietary dev kit/driver/library under NDA means that it’s more difficult to write free software, you need to be happy to expose an API that can be described and used without formal agreements to be useful. Ideally the whole driver down to the hardware interface is open sourced, but that’s unlikely to happen in your case as I assume you’re doing most of the actual calculation in software rather than in the hardware. So the end-user would expect to install proprietary software to go with the hardware, but they will usually still want to use free/open software applications to interact with it … hence a user-space API of some sort.

Good luck!