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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @janghomin, thank you for reaching out although I must confess I am having trouble understanding your query:

First, Users can change a gaze points position, if they want to do that. For example, when users gaze a display, EyeX will point center of it. but if they set up the gaze point option, they will get a point located in top of the display or anywhere they want.

From this I understand you wish to somehow *override* the gaze data reported by the SDK to some custom value upon request? If this is so, then certainly there is no function within the SDK to handle this natively. You would need to capture the gaze data via a secondary variable who values depended on this “gaze point option” Switch. If perhaps you could describe in more detail the intentions, I should be better placed to help you out.

I think this is related to your second question as well.. the gaze data received is not *modifiable* to remain at some fixed value, so a variable translation before using in your code would be necessary. Sorry If I have misunderstood, please let me know further information if possible.

Thanks for your patience.