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Rasa Bhattarai


Thank you for the suggestion.
I looked into the tutorial and did the following steps. Would you clarify if the steps that I took to perform the gaze point calculation is correct or not ?
1) Imported the Tobii Unity SDK and all the assets and folders into the same project that I am working on (Into my Unity folder).
2) To my gameComponent(A sphere), I added a script with the following code:

 void Update()
        GazePoint gazePoint = TobiiAPI.GetGazePoint();
            value_x = gazePoint.Screen.x;
            value_y = gazePoint.Screen.y;
            print("Gaze point on screen (X,Y): " + value_x + ", " + value_y);

My gameComponent keeps on moving in a circle continuously. While looking at the gameComponent throughout the time period when the game mode is on in unity, Is the gazepoint given by the above code, the (x,y) coordinates of the gameComponent on the screen ?