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Rasa Bhattarai

Hello Tobii team,

I wanted to use the GazeAware Component in my Unity game. I used it by going to the steps :-> Add Component(In the inspector window) -> Eye Tracking -> Gaze Aware.
I ran the program after attaching tobii eye X device but I get this error.

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Tobii.Gaming.Internal.HitTestFromPoint.CreateRaysFromPoints (IEnumerable1 points, UnityEngine.Camera camera) (at Assets/Tobii/Framework/Internal/HitTestFromPoint.cs:100)
Tobii.Gaming.Internal.HitTestFromPoint.FindMultipleObjectsInWorldFromMultiplePoints (IEnumerable1& hitInfos, IEnumerable1 points, UnityEngine.Camera camera, Single distance, Int32 layerMask) (at Assets/Tobii/Framework/Internal/HitTestFromPoint.cs:44)
Tobii.Gaming.Internal.SingleRaycastHistoricHitScore.FindObjectsInGaze (IEnumerable1 gazePoints, UnityEngine.Camera camera) (at Assets/Tobii/Framework/Internal/SingleRaycastHistoricHitScore.cs:126)

What is the problem here ? How should i fix it?

Thank you