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Rasa Bhattarai

Hello Tobii Team,

I do not understand the above mentioned solution. Could you provide a detailed method of how to call it explicitly: Where should i call this ?

I received the same error while adding GazeAware component to my ‘Player(GameObject)’. I have a ball moving in circle when I make the Play button on in unity. But as you said my project does not have ‘Main camera’: How is it possible to see the ball moving without the main camera ? Am I missing something to understand here. Please help me clarify what should i do to remove this error and make GazeAware component work ?

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Tobii.Gaming.Internal.HitTestFromPoint.CreateRaysFromPoints (IEnumerable1 points, UnityEngine.Camera camera) (at Assets/Tobii/Framework/Internal/HitTestFromPoint.cs:100)
Tobii.Gaming.Internal.HitTestFromPoint.FindMultipleObjectsInWorldFromMultiplePoints (IEnumerable1& hitInfos, IEnumerable1 points, UnityEngine.Camera camera, Single distance, Int32 layerMask) (at Assets/Tobii/Framework/Internal/HitTestFromPoint.cs:44)
Tobii.Gaming.Internal.SingleRaycastHistoricHitScore.FindObjectsInGaze (IEnumerable`1 gazePoints, UnityEngine.Camera camera) (at Assets/Tobii/Framework/Internal/SingleRaycastHistoricHitScore.cs:126)
Tobii.Gaming.Internal.SingleRaycastHistoricHitScore.GetFocusedObject (IEnumerable`1 lastGazePoints, UnityEngine.Camera camera) (at Assets/Tobii/Framework/Internal/SingleRaycastHistoricHitScore.cs:55)
Tobii.Gaming.Internal.GazeFocus.UpdateGazeFocus () (at Assets/Tobii/Framework/Internal/GazeFocus.cs:138)
Tobii.Gaming.Internal.TobiiHost.Update () (at Assets/Tobii/Framework/Internal/TobiiHost.cs:156)`