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Rasa Bhattarai

Hello sir,

Thank you for providing with such detailed information.
I do have few concern though:

1. On the second paragraph of Conclusion of the Paper it mentions that “To ease the process of data gathering and parsing, an open source software tool (Accuracy Test Tool) that collects the gaze data and performs the metrics calculations has also
been introduced.” I could not find this open source software. Is it available only for Tobii pro eye trackers because the one I have is Tobii Eye X ?

2. Also, does the above mentioned details regarding accuracy, precision etc. from the research article also valid to Tobii Eye X ?

3. Do we have to create the test experiment designs by ourselves or we can use some software to measure the accuracy and precision of Tobii Eye X ?

I now have a clear understanding of accuracy and precision in this regard but I do not know how to apply this to Tobii Eye X.
Thank you.